The Perry High School Alumni Association was established for alumni to remember their roots,


to connect with former classmates and recognize outstanding alumni achievements and

Making a difference!

to lend a helping hand to Perry High School graduating seniors seeking more education.

Thank You to Our 2019
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Dennis & Carla (Hamm) Brand

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Congratulations to the 2019 PHS Alumni Association, Inc. scholarship recipients!

A total of $32,500 in scholarships was awarded to 21 recipients at a reception held on May 16 at the PHSAAI headquarters at 606 Cedar Street.

Receiving the Perry High School Alumni scholarships are: Bryce Allen, Darcy Baetz, Carter Bocox, Kaya Davis, Kort Davis, Savannah Dolezal, Blayne Douglass, Khnly Duncan, Jin He, Raegan Layne, Jaycee Lewellen, Mackenzie Maly, Brooklyn Mills, Dalton Mitchell, Hadyn Redus, Dominick Resler, Cooper Richards, Jett Smith, Alyssa Tabbert, Cesar Tiscareno, and Breck Uhlman.

Kaya Davis received the education scholarships in memory of Dr. Linda Waltermire Powers and also the education scholarship in memory of Thelma Knox Brown and Ethel Knox.

PHS seniors and their families toured the alumni building and refreshments were provided by the board of directors.

President Peggy Haxton gave the welcome and told some history of the building and the organization. Connie Betchan, chairman of the Scholarship Committee, announced the 2019 winners.

PHSAAI Board scholarship committee is composed of Connie LeForce Betchan, Pat Soulek Novy, Ranay Schieffer Roth, Rena Clark Wheatley, and Peggy Thompson Haxton.