Class of 1927

1927 PeromaForrest Osborne
Forrest Osborne

Art Editor of Peroma, Perryscope Staff.

“The natural man does not want fair play;
he wants his side to win.”

Forrest Lee Osborne

June 25, 1907 – February 25, 1950

Forrest Lee Osborne, 42, died in an auto accident on a bridge in Memphis, Tennessee, on February 25, 1950.

Born June 25, 1907, in Perry, to Dr. Eugene and Katherine (Maroney) Osborne, he graduated from Perry high school in 1927. He was a well known during his high school years as a chalk talk artist who gave special programs at various high schools in the state. After high school he expanded his tours to other states and attended a business college in Oklahoma City.

Osborne and Becky Jane Ritchie were married on September 27, 1929. They originally made their home in Oklahoma City where he had his own business as an efficiency expert. At the time of Osborne’s death they lived in Memphis.

He is survived by his wife, Becky.