Class of 1901

Jesse Edward Lysinger

October 28, 1884 – May 31, 1907

Jesse Edward Lysinger, eldest son of Henry P. and Ida A. Lysinger, was born near Milbank, in the state of South Dakota, Oct. 28, 1884. Died at Perry, Oklahoma, May 31, 1907, his age then being 22 yrs, 7 months and 3 days. He leaves a father, mother, one brother and three sisters to mourn his loss.

Jesse, with his parents, moved to Iowa in the winter of 1885, where they lived for nine years. Coming to Oklahoma from there in the year 1894, where the family settled in the then, new and undeveloped Cherokee Strip, where his father had a few months previous taken up a homestead, 10 miles north of Perry, 7 miles west of Red Rock. Jesse, as a boy, helped his father and mother to improve the farm, and attended the district school at the Bowden school house. He was of great assistance to the family in those early and trying days, while the claim was being proved up, as his father was a carpenter by trade and a great deal of the time was away from the home earning the money which would keep the little family in comfortable circumstances while Jesse stayed with the mother and family, doing all his years would permit of to help in the work on the farm.

After a few years in the district school he passed to the Perry High school, where graduated with the honors of his class, in the first class to graduate from that school, in the year 1901. Being still of a desire to get a college education, Jesse entered the State University at Norman and attended that institution for two years, being promoted to the sophomore class.

During the vacation he was employed as editor of the Perry Republican, Newspaper, at Perry, Okla. This work being quite to his liking, he shortly afterwards embarked in the newspaper business for himself, by taking charge of a newspaper in Raton, N. Mex, where he went in the spring of 1905. There he contracted a severe case of Sciatic Rheumatism and was obliged to give up his business and return to his parents at Red Rock in October of that same year. After a short lime, his restless energy and business craving led him again to embark in the newspaper business as editor and proprietor of the Red Rock Opinion, where and in his capacity as editor, notwithstanding the ravages of the nerve racking disease, Jesse for over a year has maintained his business and published one of the brightest Journals in the newspaper profession, kindly and courteous to all, careful and considerate of all his friends and loved ones, he has endeared himself to all, and there was no one who did not but aspire to be called his friend. Yet Jess, as he was called by his intimate friends and associates, is gone, gone never to return, but there is consolation for the grieved parents sisters and brother. Jesse was a christian boy and man, he lived a christian life and died as a christian. He KNEW and walked with Christ. Jesse was converted while attending school at Norman and united with the Episcopal Church at Norman, Oklahoma, where he was a member at the time of his death.

Thus closes the earthly career of a young man, a bright shining Star among men. He had set his mark high, and had not Death, the Grim Destroyer, claimed him so soon, would have placed that mark higher and still higher. His life should be an inspiration to all young men, and not only should be but is an inspiration to all young men, and while he has gone on before, and tho’ his parents, loved ones and friends mourn, yet may we remember that it is only to be a little while when we too shall be called hence to meet with God and to be where Jesse is. May we learn to lean on the strong arms of Jesus. Trust in him just as Jesse did, when the clouds will be scattered by the bright smiles of God’s love and we shall all be united around the great white throne where Jesse now is singing, with the redeemed and made pure in the blood of Jesus Christ. Remember this, that altho’ Jesse cannot come to us, we can go to him. Oh, Let us take comfort in that tho’t and trust in Him “who doeth all things well.”

He was laid to rest in the beautiful Grace Hill cemetery at Perry, Oklahoma, the Rev. Rainsburger, Pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating, assisted by the Red Rock choir, whose music was greatly appreciated by the relatives and friends. Jesse sleeps, awaiting the Great Resurrection Morn when we shall all meet again.

Funeral June 1, 1907

A number of Ceres people attended the funeral of Jesse E. Lysinger at the M. E. church, at Perry at 2:30 p. m., Saturday, June 1st, ’07. The services were conducted by Rev. Rainsburger, of Perry. The singing was rendered by the Red Rock choir. As tokens of love from his many friends and classmates, a large and beautiful collection of flowers was presented, one in particular was a floral pillow, presented by the class of 1901 of which he was a member, and another, a beautiful garland of flowers presented by the Eastern Star of Red Rock. With the sweet assurance of the Resurrection and the blessed hope that we shall know as we are known, the body was laid to rest in the Perry cemetery. The deceased was reared to manhood in this neighborhood. He was always a kind, studious, straightforward boy and the many friends express their sympathy to the bereaved family.