Let us commit ourselves to making Perry’s future even greater than its glorious past. We can do this by assisting our youth to achieve quality education with our community’s support and guidance.

Inspiration & Inception

https://perryokalumni.com/wp-content/uploads/Harold_Brothers.jpgHarold H. Brothers, a 1952 Perry High School graduate, had a personal concern that the cost of college education was becoming too expensive for middle and lower income families and their children who graduate from Perry High School.

In 1987 Harold shared his concern at a class reunion along with an idea to give something back to the Perry community. His idea was to start an Alumni Association to find and promote ways to establish a scholarship fund for PHS graduates who were interested in continuing their education after high school. He intended for this fund to eventually become a perpetual one from which earnings on it and donations would be used to award annual scholarships. The scholarships awarded were to be based primarily on students’ financial needs and their desire to further their education.

The idea became rooted in the hearts and minds of his classmates. The Perry High School Association, Inc was voted into existence on October 10, 1987. The following alumni signed the original Certificate of Incorporation of the Perry High School Alumni Association, Inc. as incorporators.

  • Frances Boone
  • Tom Brandt
  • Carolyn Chopp
  • Bert Corr
  • Ed Dolezal
  • Rex Edgar
  • Richard Hicks
  • Henry Knight
  • Marvin Jirous
  • Delores Mitchell
  • Bill Pricer
  • Jack D. Roads
  • Bernie Skalenda
  • Russell Van Bebber
The first officers elected were: President: Harold H. Brothers, Class of ’52; Vice President: Rex Edgar, Class of ’53; Secretary: Carolyn Chopp, Class of ’52; Treasurer: Delores Brown Mitchell, Class of ’52; Attorney: Bill Newton, Class of ’55.

Harold, who passed away in 2009, left a legacy. “Members of the Perry High School Alumni Association – especially those who have donated time and money to assure the Association’s success – have helped to maintain and to make better the great community and place to live that is Perry, Oklahoma.”

Meet your 2020 Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors

L to R: Floyd Kirk ‘73, Vicky Ewy Beier ‘67, Kathy Henry ‘68, Kay Martin McCarthy ‘69, Kathy St.Clair Shelton ‘67, Ann Waren Hentges ‘73, Pat Soulek Novy ‘65, Gloria Tovar Maine ‘70, Linda Jeffery Branson ‘ 71, Peggy Thompson Haxton ‘66, Ranay Schieffer Roth ‘71, Rena Clark Wheatley ‘81, and Cary Clark ‘82.

Absent: Bob Mildfelt ‘61, Gina Clark Bolay ‘76, Craig Kemnitz ‘72, Connie Beier Mendenhall ’75, Donna Brand Reimann ‘70, Diana Brand Pagel ’71, and Bert Caine Robinson ’73.

Newly Added: Ashley Cook Cox ’06.

2020 Officers

President: Linda Branson; Vice President: Kathy Henry; Corresponding Secretary: Peggy Haxton; Recording Secretary: Kay McCarthy; Treasurer: Rena Wheatley.


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