PHS Alumni Honor Roll Member

Warenne (Kennedy) Harris

Warenne (Kennedy) Harris

Class of 1930

Warenne Harris is noted for her musical talents. Glenn Yahn approached her in college (Oklahoma A & M) and “persuaded” her to write a unique fight song for PHS. In just one day she had penned the words to the song we sing today at PHS venues. PHS band director Professor Leopoldo Radgowsky then wrote the score. One of the original copies is on display at the PHS Alumni Building.

Warenne was a professional pianist and organist in Southern California most of her adult life. In the 1940s, she played accompaniment for many singers in and around Hollywood. Her parents were Hazel and Ivan Kennedy, who were professional musicians in Perry along with owning several businesses.

Ill health kept her from returning from her home in California for the banquet and induction. Her plaque was accepted by her sister who lives in Enid.