PHS Alumni Honor Roll Member

Rowena Corr

Rowena Corr

Teacher 1946 – 1957

Rowena Corr taught English during her 11-year tenure at Perry High School. During some of these years, she also taught 8th grade math. She started teaching in Choctaw at the age of 18, and taught in 6 other districts besides Perry. She retired in 1977 as a counselor in Bartlesville.

Mrs. Corr was intellectually gifted and a serious student of English who knew literature extensively. She graduated from high school at age 16 and earned a teaching certificate at age 17. However, Oklahoma law stated that teachers had to be 18, so she delayed applying for a teaching job and instead worked for the year as a domestic.

She and husband Bert raised four children during six depression years and lived on his $60-$80 a month salary. During WWII, a private’s salary, along with her teaching salary, helped the family get by.

She lived to serve others. She denied herself material goods and personal time in order to provide for family, friends, and students. A devoted Christian, she served God by helping others. She helped students after school and even went to their homes if necessary to help the student understand the lesson.

Even after leaving Perry, Mrs. Corr maintained contact with some of her students. Much more could be said of this outstanding PHS teacher.