PHS Alumni Honor Roll Member

Kathleen Marie Henry

Kathleen Marie Henry

Class of 1968

Kathy Henry, PHS class of 1968, is truly a “person of the world.”

After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), she went to work for the state’s largest advertising agency. One of her clients, McDonald’s, hired her and from that point on her career went sky-high. She worked for McDonald’s in Chicago, Detroit, and Houston. While in Detroit, she received the prestigious “President’s Award” from Ray Kroc, owner of McDonald’s, and became the first female regional marketing manager.

Cold winters in Chicago drove her to Paris, France, to direct McDonald’s French marketing campaign. From there she moved to Frankfurt, Germany, then to London. Kathy was the Vice-President for McDonald’s European marketing.

Kathy’s accomplishments include the “President’s Award,” introducing the Happy Meal to Europe, establishing the McDonald’s/ Disney European relationship, European soccer sponsorship (which expanded to global sponsorship and eventually the Olympics), the McDonald’s International Marketing Achievement award, the Ray Kroc “Press On” award, and the Golden Arch Partner Award.

Today Kathy is President of Zepper Entertainment in Tulsa as well as property developer in “The Village at Central Park” near downtown Tulsa.

Kathy is the daughter of Hulda and the late Irl Henry. She is married to Jamie Jamieson and is the mother of 11-year-old Adam Jamieson. The family lives near Cleveland, OK.