PHS Alumni Honor Roll Member

Cory Todd Cook

Cory Todd Cook

Class of 1993

Cory Todd Cook was born in Perry to Pat and Jerry Cook. His sister, Stacy, is married to David Ruth, whose son, Zane, is Cory’s nephew.

Cory entered the Perry School System at the age of two years, and graduated from Perry High School in 1993.

Cory has been an avid and devoted participant in Perry’s community activities and organizations. He is a faithful member of the First Baptist Church, a member of the Noble County YMCA, a former Boy Scout, and a former associate member of Noble County Democrat Women.

For twenty-seven years, Cory has participated in the Special Olympics. Cory initially entered track and field events, but for many years now has concentrated on swimming and bowling. Cory is the winner of numerous medals, ribbons, and trophies. Most notable, is that Cory embodies in his life and attitudes the values and spirit of the Special Olympics.

Cory is a cheerful, hard-working, performer in the work-place and a contributor to Perry’s business life and community spirit. He worked first for the Sheltered Workshop of Payne County from 1993-98. Cory started working as a courtesy clerk at the Apple Market, and continued working there after it became a Homeland store. He has been a productive employee for more than 12 years, always striving to perform to the best of his abilities. He meets and helps many customers in a helpful and joyful manner.

Cory has successfully overcome adversity, determinedly worked to maximize his potential, and been an addition to the Perry community.