PHS Alumni Honor Roll Member

Craig Randal Kemnitz

Craig Randal Kemnitz

Class of 1972

Craig Randal Kemnitz was born in 1953 to Charles and Laura Kemnitz at the Naval Military Hospital in Bremerton, WA. Upon returning to Perry, Charles and Laura purchased the DX Service Station on the southeast corner of the town square in 1955. At age 10 Craig started part-time work at the station, and in 1972 he began what would become 51 years working full time there. Craig and his wife Ruby are now the second generation to own and operate Kemnitz Sinclair Service Station and Kemnitz Oil Co.

Craig’s devotion, hard work, and pride of ownership has led to accomplishments such as the following. He provided Charles Machine Works with fuel and oil products for over 35 years. Kemnitz Oil was among the Top 10 oil sales companies in the U.S. for Phillips 66, 1995–2005. Kemnitz Sinclair station was recognized as the “Longest Continuous Operating Service Station In Oklahoma” by the Oklahoma Petroleum Marketing Association in 2007. He provided artifacts for an oil and gas history exhibit at the Oklahoma History Center.

The Kemnitz station has been included in publications such as the book “Crossroads of Commerce: A History of Free Enterprise in Oklahoma.”

In 1988 a friend suggested to Craig that he start running with him and a few other buddies. He did and in 1989 he ran the Dallas White Rock Marathon and in 1996, at the age of 42, he ran the 100th Boston Marathon, becoming one of 35,868 official finishers. He has run many 5K races
after beginning his running quest. Craig’s last 5K race was August 2022.

Craig and Ruby (Class of 1974) have one daughter Lauren (Class of 2000) and two grandsons, Maverick and Cashton.