The Perry High School Alumni Association thanks everyone who donated to the “No-Banquet Banquet” fundraiser, which brought in $6,365 to be put into scholarships for PHS seniors in the spring. Thank you so much for your donations to the replacement event for the annual Honor Roll Banquet that was canceled due to Covid-19.

As you can see, our friends in the Alumni Building—the mannequins who model vintage band and cheerleading uniforms—also thank you! They hope to have visitors in the building again when it is safe.

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Thank You to Our 2020
Renowned Sponsors

Parrish Electric
John Vance
Foster Corner Drug
Dennis Brand
Exchange Bank & Trust
Bill Hughes
Pam Sewell
Virginia Eggers
Lenny and Linda Sadler
Pat Novy
Laura Kemnitz
Craig Kemnitz
Ranay Roth


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The Perry High School Alumni Association announces the 2021 Honor Roll Recipients.

  • Joe Sewell - 1945
  • Mark Sadler - 1969
  • Lloyd Kirk - 73
  • Brad Finley - 80
  • Diana (Morris) Watkins - 93

2021 Legacy Award

  • Frank Briscoe - 1915 - Began Perry High School’s wrestling program and was its first wrestling coach.
The new honorees will be recognized at the annual Honor Roll Celebration and Fundraiser, which is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 17, at 6 p.m. at the Lower Elementary School. The event raises funds for scholarships given annually to PHS seniors by the Alumni Association. 

Congratulations to the 2021 PHS Alumni Association, Inc. scholarship recipients!

Thirty-two students were awarded $1800 for the 2020-2021 school year. This year’s winners!

In the past, the Alumni Board has welcomed the honorees, parents, guardians, siblings, and other guests to a reception at the Alumni Center. This year, because of the Covid-19 guidelines, the reception was cancelled. However, each student is welcomed to the Alumni Center to tour the facilities at any time.

Students graduating from Perry High School with plans to further their education are invited to apply for the scholarships. Their parents or guardians do not have to be a graduate from Perry High School.

Many former Perry High School graduates donate to the scholarship funds with the Perry High School Alumni Association during the Alumni Banquet in September or anytime during the year.